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  • What is the Monthly Service Fee?
    This fee is payable monthly in advance and contributes towards the outgoings of the village. These costs are currently $401.10 per calendar month, per home including GST. Anticipated annual increases will not exceed C.P.I. levels, in accordance with the Retirement Village's Act 1986.
  • What are the regulations as to ownership?
    As a general rule, all residents must be 55 years of age or over. If the owners are married, only one needs to be of the minimum age. Family trusts for family members may also own a home. In this case the approved occupant/s must meet minimum age requirements. Each purchaser will receive: - Certificate of Title - An undivided share in the common property - Full use of the recreational facilities, subject to the village management agreement.
  • What is the purpose of the Owners Corporation?
    The Owners Corporation Act 2006 provides for the management, powers and functions of owners corporations; and to provide for appropriate mechanisms for the resolution of disputes relating to owners corporations; and to ammend the Subdivision Act 1998 in relation to the creation of owners corporations. The Owners Corporation has delegated its powers and functions to a managing agent known as Dandenong Valley Retirement Village Management Pty. Ltd.
  • What are the management's obligations?
    To provide maintenance to all community facilities, including furnishings, refurbishment, heating and cooling where applicable. To maintain all common grounds, paths, driveways, roads and all street lighting. To provide a 24 hour medical emergency call facility and insurance cover for all buildings and public risk insurance. To provide management staff to carry out administration and maintenance duties and to arrange for further regular ancillary services to be provided as required on a user-pay basis, such as hairdressing etc. The obligations of the manager are set out in the Management Agreement which forms part of the contract documentation.
  • What are the owner's financial obligations?
    a) A monthly service fee being a contribution towards costs of maintenance and services provided. b) The Deferred Fee payable at resale or transfer. c) Restoration costs if applicable at resale or transfer. d) A resettlement fee of $4,400 inc GST at resale is applicable (if the village assists in finding a new resident/buyer). e) A contribution towards the provision for Major Maintenance Fund of the village payable on the resale or transfer of the unit.
  • What is the Deferred Fee?
    This is a fee which accrues during the period of ownership but only becomes payable when a home changes ownership/occupation. It is common practice in the Retirement Village industry to charge such a fee. The deferred fee is calculated against the selling price of the home at 2.5% for each year, or part year, of ownership. A maximum fee of 25% applies for 10 years or more. Example: Take a residence which was originally purchased for $100,000 and was sold after five (5) years for $130,000. The 2.5% per year deferred fee on $130,000 would therefore equal: $3,250 per year x 5 years = $16,250.
  • Who has custody of Service Fees and Deferred Funds?
    As discussed in the section “What is the purpose of the Owners Corporation?', the powers and functions of the Owners Corporation have been delegated to the village management company and all fees remain the property of Dandenong Valley Retirement Village Management Pty. Ltd. or Valley Village Mews Pty. Ltd. The administration of the management company is conducted in strict accordance with the Retirement Village Act 1986 which requires an annual audit and an annual meeting with residents provided specified financial information.
  • What is the provision for a Major Maintenance Fund?
    This fund is maintained for the purpose of paying for items of major repairs, maintenance and renovations to the common property, the communal facilities, communal areas, and the external surfaces of any building or structure at the village, and which are not required to be maintained, repaired or replaced by any resident. The owner's contribution is payable when the unit changes ownership, and is calculated at the rate of 0.5% (plus GST) of the price on a resale of the unit, for each year or part of a year that has expired from the date the owner enters into the deferred payment deed with the company until the contribution is paid (subject to a maximum of 5% plus GST).
  • How is the purchaser protected?
    Purchases are protected in the following ways: * You remain the home owner with a title to bricks and mortar. * You can therefore retain an appreciating asset. * Your asset can be sold at any time. * Proceeds of this sale can be willed or transferred without delay. * When purchasing, a $500 refundable deposit is required whilst you arrange the sale of your existing property. * All associated costs of buying and selling are made known to you prior to signing a Contract of Sale. * Contracts of Sale provide special conditions for the sale of your own home first. * You will sign nothing at the village. All Disclosure Statements, Vendor's Statements and Contracts of Sale are forwarded to your solicitor to enable counselling before you sign anything. * Valley Village Mews is committed to excellence. We are an accredited village which ensures compliance with the highest standards of care and service in the retirement village industry.
  • What emergency support can I expect?
    For your security at Valley Village Mews, each home is equipped with a Tunstall safety alarm and portable pendant which is monitored 24 hours a day by competent call centre staff. Further detailed information in relation to the Emergency Call and Response System and Local Medical Service is included in a directory provided to new Residents.
  • Do you have any security patrols?
    Yes, security patrols are carried out after hours each night.
  • Is a resident required to provide information on his/her medical condition and medication; if so who will have access to it?
    Each resident is requested to supply personal and medical information which may be required in an emergency situation. Such information is treated as strictly confidential. This information is passed on to Ambulance/Hospital Staff only with your permission. Emergency support is provided by the Tunstall Group who will require additional personal information for their emergency call centre.
  • Do I have a choice of doctor?
    Yes, You are completely free to have the doctor of your choice. A medical complex is adjacent to the village plus several in the immediate vicinity providing medical support if required.
  • If I become ill which major hospital is nearest to the Village?
    Dandenong hospital is only minutes away from the village with South Eastern providing further hospital support. The Valley Hospital is also within close proximity.
  • Are village residents eligible for council sponsored health and domestic support programs?
    Yes, as a home owner/rate payer, village residents are eligible for such support programs as Meals-on-Wheels, home-help, district nursing services, etc. The village health co-ordinator can assist in arranging these services if required.
  • Are residents able to have overnight and short-term guests and can they use the community facilities?
    Yes, it is your home to enjoy with your short-term guests and your guests are welcome to enjoy the community facilities while in your company. For security reasons, management requests advice of guests staying over.
  • Is there provision for guest car parking?
    Yes, there are additional car parks throughout the village.
  • Will a village residence be secure while residents are away for an extended time?
    We ask that management be advised so that special security surveillance is exercised during a prolonged absence. Regular security patrols are carried out each night. Arrangements can also be made in relation to mail. Maintenance levies (service fees) are applicable during your absence.
  • Is there adequate access to public transport and provision for private village transport?
    One of the major features of Valley Village Mews is its central location, with numerous public transport routes adjacent. The village courtesy bus also provides regular transport to shopping venues in the vicinity.
  • Are pets permitted?
    Yes, Management is very sympathetic to the attachment people have to pets and pets are permitted provided their presence does not affect quality of life of the general community. Each request is assessed individually by management, who reserve the right to re-assess in the event of a serious problem arising.
  • Is there a garden area for my personal use and who looks after it?
    Each home has its own private rear garden, most of which are fenced. It is both your pleasure and your responsibility to maintain this area. All common grounds are fully maintained by village staff. However if you wish to extend your gardening beyond your private area, you are very welcome to do so and we ask only that you discuss your plans with management.
  • Is the home accessible in the event of disablement?
    Where possible, homes are constructed with level access and particular emphasis given to space provision and fittings to toilets, bathrooms, etc to allow for reasonable access with minor modification.
  • Are safety rails included as standard?
    Yes. Support rails are installed in the toilet, over the bath and in the shower.
  • Are security doors standard?
    Front doors are fitted with a security door, keyed to the village master key system to allow staff access in the event of emergency.
  • Who is responsible for maintenance inside and outside of the home?
    Village Management is responsible for external painting of the house, with the exception of any structural addition such as pergolas. Maintaining the rear garden area is the responsibility of the owner. Residents are responsible for all other maintenance including maintenance and repair of appliances.
  • What other expenses are incurred relative to the home?
    As a home owner by way of Title, Council and water rates will be your responsibility.
  • What insurances are required?
    Management accepts responsibility for the payment of home insurance on all buildings, contents of common facilities and public liability cover. Residents are encouraged to organise private contents insurance cover from the provider of their choice.
  • What on-going expenses are incurred?
    1. A monthly service fee payable monthly in advance with an annual review in accordance with the current C.P.I. 2. As tenure by way of Strata Title, rates (council and water) are paid separately by each owner. 3. Personal living expenses such as phone, electricity, gas and water are the responsibility of the owner.
  • Who determines the resale figure?
    The resale figure is determined by agreement between the owner/estate and management based on recent current market values and comparable sales within the Village. Should a dispute arise an independent Registered Valuer will be consulted. Achievement of the highest possible price is naturally a common aim of both the owner/estate and management. Refurbishment to mutually acceptable saleable condition is the responsibility of the owner/estate. This is usually organised by Village Management by mutual agreement.
  • Does the owner/estate have the right to sell their unit through a Real Estate Agent?
    Yes, it is the owner's choice.
  • Is there a Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedure in place ?
    It is the role of Management to manage the affairs of the Village to enable residents to live in a secure and harmonious environment. Should any problems arise Management and Staff are able to assist in many ways to help resolve such problems, as is the Residents Committee if their assistance is sought. In the unlikely event of a serious dispute arising, again the Manager and Valley Village Mews Residents Association Committee can assist in resolving most situations. Alternatively an independent arbiter can be involved should the dispute not be resolved internally. A dispute Resolution Policy has been in place for several years and procedures comply with all relevant legislation.
  • Are there internet facilities?
    There is internet infrastructure within the units although it is up to the resident to organise their own service from an internet service provider.
  • Questions unanswered?
    Please get in touch via the contact page. Thank you.
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